Thursday, March 30, 2006

ronnie with move to woodlands next monday. dammit.

alrights, my thoughts on moving house.

1) everyone in woodlands is a stranger to me. so that means, i will definately feel lonely there. but wait, i am already lonely at upper bukit timah road. my only pals there would probably be the bodhi tree outside my house and those pets of my neighbours. funny thing, i rather talk to the animals then talk to the neighbour? hmm, maybe they suck, thats why. haha.

2) i have spend my late-primary school years and my secondary years in that house. i have to admit, that house definately holds alot alot ALOT ( get this into ur head ) memories. lucky i wont be there to see the apartment being demolished infront of my eyes, otherwise i might just cry?
haha, nah.. IM STRONG. but damn, did they HAVE to tear down the house? cant they just go in and get on with life? *grrrr*

3) THERE IS ONE PARTICULAR MEMORY I THAT MAKES THAT PLACE DAMN SPECIAL, my 17th birthday. im telling you, even though there are a whole lot of shitty things all over me that night, i really appreciate what you guys did, and to top it off, even mom was there. being with all my buddies and family, its definately the best feeling in the world man. come to think of it, it still feels like yesterday. AWWWWW.. XD

4) these aint exactly a point but yup, i definately share some good times with her in the place. GOOD TIMES meaning quality chats, mind you. haha, thing of the past though. =/

oh damn, this list ain gon stop. i know im boring you guys by saying all these but those ARE the things im gonna miss. haha, i guess moving from this place is something like flipping a page of my book of " memories ". haha, im getting emotional, damn i might as well go cry now. HAHA.

this entry is in memory of my old house. * place a rose *

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