Wednesday, May 31, 2006

woot, next week common test le. been so busy that i cant even have time to stay online for 1 straight hour.


looking forward to the term break. so tired.

Friday, May 26, 2006

so this is wad i do when im bored in sch, i blog. lol.

alright, couple days ago, i had this weird ass dream where i migrated to korea. then i was alone, so i kinda need a place to live right? here's the weird thing, i actually dream of me renting a room from boa's mansion. weird huh?

and after like living there for 1 week or so, i was getting along with boa and one day i came back and saw her crying at the dinner table, so i was like 'what-happened?' she said her whole family is migrating to denver(dun ask me why issit denver, even i dunno.) so i kinda began consolling her,

so i console...

console somemore,

console even more,

and DAMN, i woke up. snapped back to reality. i woke up feeling in a mood for love. *shrugs*

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

man, 1 more week till the end of the 1 month training! i can portrait visions of the wonderful delicacy infront of me.


we work hard, play hard, eat hard. =D

Monday, May 22, 2006

haven been blogging faithfully these days. I KNOW U GUYS ARE MISSING MY ENTRIES. =P

this post is dedicated to STORMERS.
okay, here's the big thing that has taken place during the weekends.


beat that man, we totally rocks. every single stormer played well, GREAT JOB GUYS. lets see,

daryl - you played well even though u are sick. *thumbs up*

darren - ur defence is stifling and us position as point guard is WOOT!

bert - dun worry about being not hard enuff when offence and defence, takes time la. work hard and you will suceed. =)

wang jie - blardy hell run so fast, all ur 1 man fast break points are indeed a big advantage for us.

chris - dominated the board and play hard in the paint. no wonder you are named "white dragon".

sebas - even an injured leg cant slow u down huh?

long - after training still can score in match? NOT BAD.

jia wah - i saw you huslting for the ball, all you need is agression, but in a good way.

yan an - hope you learn what you need to improve during the game. lets improve together.

jun hao - your chopper says all.

overall, we played hard, played unselfishly. a deserving win. lets continue this streak alrights?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

today is tuesday. tuesday equals to no school! MUAHAHAHA. but no sch also means i've got nth to do. hmm, actually i was suppose to be at the gym with aaron today but you know, like everytime, i cant wake up. GOSH, whats with me, i slept 8 hours already and still cant wake up? man, i think im gonna see the doc for that.

hehe, like i will. =P

lets see, i have 2 undone tutorials, 1 assigment that i havent even started on. gosh, im so dead.


ans : playing kingdom hearts 2. =/

i cant believe im hooked to that game. SHIT, this is BAD news. can somebody come up with a method to help me get away from the PS2? haha.

i guess im just to darn lazy to be doing my tutorials and assignments. ARGH, screw them.


mab, hope u get well soon. =)

Monday, May 15, 2006

thought of the day :

is love cocaine for the mind or is love just a meaningless pastime for the bored?


Sunday, May 14, 2006

-- wake up call --

i shower you with kindness, but had your coldness as return.

i open up my heart to you, you take it as bullshit.

i willingly took up the responsibility, you took that for granted.

when i messed up, the first to you do is blame.

i asked you about your views on people, you brand them as sluts and bastard in an instant.

i took your questions seriously, you treat mine like jokes.

i want to help you whenever i can, but all you feel is i am annoying.

i really wan to be your friend, is it the other way round too?

your once said we were buddies, does it still stand now?

tell me then, what to do to truly be your friend?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

here's the thing. me and aaron is gonna go thru a 1 month training scheme.

gym : 1 week strength, 1 week endurance. - alternating.

food intake : 6 small meals per day. small meal meaning like a sandwich for a meal. reduced carbs and increased protein.

cardio : 3 times a week, on days without gym sessions.


okay, now lets blog on life. recently, din do much. ARGH, is this a hint to tell me that i seriously need to get a life? i wonder. finally able to settle down and study. but damn, why do modules like PCS and DB is included? whenever i look at the notes, its like looking alien wordings disguising as english words. totally annoying. =/

but then, in another part of life. things seems to be doing great. wonder why it din went this way the last time. guess the bottom line is i've changed, haven i?

wadever the case, i definately hope that im changing for the better. =D

Sunday, May 07, 2006

gym, swim, and stuffs. yup, my life has been like that this couple of weeks. BORED. lets recap on wad i witness these few days. i see that love aint really a thing for me - YET. i see a reflamation going on - NOT ME.

im starting to fall in love with my own singing. OMG, GAYNESS. =P

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

AHHHHHH~~~~ life's great. today, lessons starts at 10, i reach at 10.16 and got marked ABSENT. zzzz. so in sch, it was lessons, lessons and more lessons. today, we were introduced to our assignments for the semester. I FRIGGIN HATE ASSIGNMENTS. they take away time. =(

but for the sake of good grades, gotta bear with it i guess. i think if i can really pass all my assignments, i can be superman already. the workload is totally ALOT. call me lazy, wadever.

so after school, i quickly rush home, washed up, changed into bball attire and rush down to sv, for wad u said? basketball! played some 2 on 2 and some shooting games, and i din know my 3pt% was 50%. must be damn lucky today. lol, after that, we ran suicides. darren puked, wtf? his face went so damn pale afterwards. wj more funny, keep trying to make himself puke. LOL. so darren, me and spidey had dinner, or rather, I had dinner, those 2 just got drinks. -.- pang seh me eat alone.

so now, here i am, lying on my bed half-naked, blogging, chatting, strawberry yogurt and nodding to the beats of my music. i know this aint much but yea, im enjoying it. XD

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

now today is my first day living in woodlands, my views? it aint all bad. firstly, my net is not up yet, im using some people's wireless to blog. =X its cosy here, since its a 2-room flat. but i dun see mummy so often, i wake up, she sleep, i come back and off to work she goes. T_T

my plans for this flat :

paint it pale green, im tired of rose white but mum she doesnt want white again.

get it all tidied up.

aaron went to school with me, im amazed that i can get to bp from woodlands within 20mins! record time!

hmm, about sch, i think there's nth to blog about. since today is I&E module and i got dismiss at 9 when lessons are surppose to be ending at 12. -.- even purposely msg jo to say i dismiss liao. LOL, bo liao.

i have been talking to a person lately. visions of the past are projected in my mind when we chat, i smiled upon the visions. is it a clue? are you trying to tell me something? or is ronnie just been thinking too much?


Monday, May 01, 2006



`bERt the globe will still be rotating =) says:
i flirt wif waimun

see? BERT, i knew u had a thing for fats girls. man, u're sick. =P
today, we were suppose to swim, but rain. T_T i only did 7 laps and rain. WAD THE HELL.

i think my sunday is like any other sunday, nth special to blog about. saturday was fun though. MAN, I LOVE CLARKE QUAY. so nice, one day im gonna go try out the G-max ride. WOOT! hmm, saturday was great cause the company, though we din do much but its also like veri fun. LOL.

love the boat ride too, din realise singapore's night view can be this nice too. WEEEEE.