Tuesday, May 02, 2006

now today is my first day living in woodlands, my views? it aint all bad. firstly, my net is not up yet, im using some people's wireless to blog. =X its cosy here, since its a 2-room flat. but i dun see mummy so often, i wake up, she sleep, i come back and off to work she goes. T_T

my plans for this flat :

paint it pale green, im tired of rose white but mum she doesnt want white again.

get it all tidied up.

aaron went to school with me, im amazed that i can get to bp from woodlands within 20mins! record time!

hmm, about sch, i think there's nth to blog about. since today is I&E module and i got dismiss at 9 when lessons are surppose to be ending at 12. -.- even purposely msg jo to say i dismiss liao. LOL, bo liao.

i have been talking to a person lately. visions of the past are projected in my mind when we chat, i smiled upon the visions. is it a clue? are you trying to tell me something? or is ronnie just been thinking too much?


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