Wednesday, June 25, 2008


now then i sleeping. hong gan already. haha. :D

camp is coming fast! army also.

$15000. 2years. LA.

possible? hahaha.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ahh, finally a weekend thats stress free.

haha, saturday was WORK, and yes, i got myself a reward. haha.


hahaha. im not used to seeing my ankles actually. but i wanted to get a low cut shoe, cause too much of high cut recently. too dancer for me already. need to find the chill side of myself. lol.

well. SENTOSA is fun. even though we din really plan what to do there. BUT I CAME UP WITH GOOD IDEA.

jump into water.

i suck at that. seriously. everytime i try to jump, i will have this weird questionmark in my head, next moment, i trip into the water. hahaha. zzz.

so loser, can dance, btu cant even jump into water. lolol.

2 more weeks to army! CHIONG AR!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

hello world.

haha, now i know working and dancing tgt really takes a toll on people.

*kowtow to orange, becca, yen and the list will never end....

yesterday was really a great lesson for me. because it focus on my one thing, EXTENSIONS.
my killer weakness. haha.

BUT NO! im not emo or depressed over it. because i know its do-able. just takes tiem and effort. haha.

but i got wobbly legs now. lol.

well, gonna work later at some kids central event. hope its gonna be fun. MONEY IS GOOD SIA. hahaha.

ok, gotta go. BYEEE.

you say you are looking for love, but do you actually deserve?

think it through people.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Can you tell me
How can one miss what she's never had
How could I reminisce when there is no past
How could I have memories of
being happy with you boy
Could someone tell me how can this be
How could my mind pull up incidents
Recall dates and times that never happened
How could we celebrate a love that's too late
And how could I really mean the
words I'm bout to say

I missed the times that we almost shared
I miss the love that was almost there
I miss the times that we use to kiss
At least in my dreams
Just let me take my time and reminisce
I miss the times that we never had
What happened to us we were almost there
Whoever said it's impossible to
miss when you never had
Never almost had you

I cannot believe I let you go
Or what I should say I shoulda grabbed
you up and never let you go
I shoulda went out with you
I should have made you my boo boy
Yeah that's one time I shoulda broke the rules
I shoulda went on a date
Shoulda found a way to escape
Shoulda turned a almost into
If it happend now its too late
How could I celebrate a love that wasn't real
And if it didn't happen why does my heart feel

I missed the times that we almost shared
I miss the love that was almost there
I miss the times that we use to kiss
At least in my dreams
Just let me take my time and reminisce
I miss the times that we never had
What happened to us we were almost there
Whoever said it's impossible to
miss when you never had
Never almost had you

i know this is random but it just happens that love songs hit me hard sometimes.
well, the song lyrics kinda applies to me. BUT! I'm not regretting. i just look back at the past and smiled that it happened.

then again, i dunno man. its whatever, i got a whole life ahead of me, yet, sometimes i look back at the should have/could have. stupid me? or stubborn me?

you tell me.

well, at least i learn lessons. but then again, it seems that the lessons i 'took', took a toll on me. kinda snowballed and made me what i am now. my confession to make today.

i already forget how to fall in love with someone, how to care for someone.

now don't mix me up with those emo faggots. im not sad. im just saying.

because, how could i miss what i never had? :/

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the big groove

before we know it, its over. i enjoyed myself. :D
its the biggest stage of my dancing life. I'm proud to say i shared the same stage with some amazing dancers out there.

well, i felt good on stage. i was the first time i full out till i barely had enough strength to go off stage. i don't really know was it my best up there, to be honest i don't really know what I'm capable of on stage but somehow, it didn't feel like a performance to me, instead i felt like i was just happy dancing and that the audience just happen to be there, that kind of feeling.

thank you the choreographers for coming up with the sick piece of work, hope i did justice to what you guys/lady gave. LOL. i gotta admit, its hella tough. haha. you sick choreographers. kukubird.

i wanted to like mass send SMS to everyone, but was really in the mood to do so, sorry! but here's a personal shout out to everyone:

to Ore: SUSHI BABY. glad to be on that stage with a brother. you know you are one sick bastard. i ain't gonna say no more man. just hope your work doesn't take away your dance time. i have learn a lot from you, be it dance or not. you showed me maturity. seriously. respect.

to Nicole aka puffy head: HAHA. you dope! you got fever still can do TBG. ultimate already. but what you told me that day, never once i felt your dancing was not good or what. really. there my be a lot of things small about you but definitely not your dancing. don't stress yourself aite. HAA. GOOD JOB.

to Jaei: rmb how you complain and struggled after big groove practises saying this is not your style and all, well i think you pulled it off pretty well. haha, BREAKTHROUGH coming for you i guess? haha. damn you improve so fast, its like i can't even bother catching up. LOL. but good for you. :D

to Ter: you gubye talent. really la. i hate you for being so talented! joking, i love your choreography. haha. fresh style. sick control. its like theres nth you cant do man. NS coming to get the both of us, haha. stay strong aite. :D and recover your taste buds soon before you are force to eat canteen food all day. haha.

to Ken: you also another one. talented bastard. LOL. choreographies by you were nv easy, from fantazia to big groove. your feel, sick one. i just cant catch it. haha. but keep doing what you do man. mad respect. YOU ORD SOON, haha. its gonna be your world after that luh. jia you. :D

to Yen: fat girl. although i abit ??? when you permed your hair, but i think you did well on big groove, despite the fact that you were sick and miss a few practices. actually until now, your choreo i still find it hard. HAHA. but keep doing what you do ok. dun let work take dance away from you. i know it wont, but ahaha. JIA YOU. i like to see you dance. :)

to Allegra: please don't blame yourself for the costume. its really not worth losing sleep over or being sad or whatever. because i think its really nice. blame expo for having such a stupid back drop. LOL. AIYA, you no need say one la, your dance is self-explanatory. but thank you for telling me what i lack, the fact that you dont just say things nice to the ears but in fact being true to a friend makes me respect you alot as a dancer and as a person. aha. but good luck at work, 5.30am every morning is seriously too hard core. JIA YOU!

to Becca: BECCA DON'T BOUNCE! haha, thats what we hear in the studio. but you good sia, like, don't know how to explain. just good. like, small small, but see you dance only then chua sai already. gubye one. my pleasure to be in the same item as you man. esp. on such a big stage, and thank you for help me through this performance.

to JJ: haha, i'm quite surprise this is you first big groove like me, because you look like those veteran, like zai one. nv see you panic before. haha. but seriously i respect your calmness and also shout JIAYOU when everyone like tired and like getting gloomy. haha. you like kai xing guo of our team. thank you so much. :D and, i think you did a great job on that TBG stage as well as in today's studio. :D

to Xinxian: hmm, i dont really know you well, but seriously i think your control very good. like, that time i saw you did the groove thing. imba. back to tbg, well, i seriously stun when that day i heard you were going back home to WORK. WTH, i thought i was tired but you still can work after the practices?! respect. super happy to be on the same stage with you. even though we not super close or anything, but its just an honor for me. somehow. haha. :D

to Sophan: ABANGGGG. hahaa. its nice to see you back in the studio nowadays, and its even nicer to dance alongside you. on that stage somemore. and thank you for the lightings. i think NRA only you cna do those lightings shit. like nobody knows how to do it. lol, and i think you are one of the major reasons why our practices are so productive. i feel la. well, happy to dance with you. maybe you might see me in MP after BMT? hahaa.

to Glen: although you prolly wont be able to read this until 2 weeks later but firstly, good luck in ARMY. dont let that army shit take dance away from you aite. im sure you gonna do fine. haha. and yes, its been fun dancing alongside you, since SOC till now. even though sometimes we keep saying you slack, but we know you did push right. haha. dope job done. :D

to Fredy: you freaking talented lucky bastard. haha. its nice to see you after you when MIA for awhile. but your purple hair, really abit too ultimate for me. but personally for me its an honor to share the same stage as you, not because it brings me closer to your standard or whatever, but its what you have taught me since fantazia, like how to look at things. how to stay strong. well, even though you are like super busy, i hope you stop like staying up late and tryign to be superman ok, you seriously will die earlier one. other then that, keep dancing.

to Zixiang: hello mr krump. you into KRUMPING right. can see you tyring out some moves. anyway, its been nice to dance with you on that stage. aha, honestly i find you abit slack last time. but i think tbg you kinda proved to me and everyone you are here for a reason. haha. im not saying im in a position to doubt you but im just being truthful here. haha. but still, its nice to dance with you. since SOC, till now tbg. haha. its almost like a reunion. well, keep working at it tgt aite. :D

well, for me, i was quite sad that big groove is over. haha. its kinda weird, the first performance i saw when i came into NRA was the big groove, now before i go to the army i have the big groove sort of like 'end' it. haha.

yes, i know army is not gonna take dance away from me. after the big groove, im sure of that. because its something i wan to do so badly, i would give anything for it. just a lil wish though, i hope next year big groove, whole of SUSHI can be in it. HAHA. well, just thinking out loud. :D

hmm. one month away from army. just wanna be happy dancing everyday. nth else. MAN, I WROTE ALOT. WOOOWWWWW. hahahhahaaaa.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

the date is nearing.

ok, big groove is nearing. everyone is kinda worked up about it. well, at least from my point of view it is. but i know we can pull this off. i know it. somehow. haha.

limitations is a word hated almost every single person on the planet. because with this words brings along feelings like restriction and lost of freedom.

i personally hate it. because its always frustrating to know that there is something you cannot do, and other people can do it. yes, to be able to do everything on earth, then i would not be human already. but we all know humans yearn for perfection. i do too.

but through 2 years of dancing, i have come to face it that perfection is impossible, in classical sense of the word. but if to me, as a person, to my own definition of perfection? its hella possible. haha.

why i feel this way? because i have seen amazing people around me achieve the 'impossible'

like Ann, teaching a club of 100+ people with such a back condition,
like the numerous days of long practice hours to rush out a production like FANTAZIA,
like how danzation came to reality after Ann just accidentally said it,
like how NRA swept SUNTEC 2007,
like how we did in funka '08. NOTE, 3 best male dancers now, and our first best female,
like how Rough addicts got 4th in battlegrounds Australia.
like how 8 steps improve from shitty heats and still got into finals,
like how freestyling start in NRA,
like how we got be friends with each another,
like how brotherhood and family is formed in this dance club,

see, i'm am so accustomed to moving laong with time and just continue with dance and life that we forget we actually did things deem impossible in our own eyes at a certain period of our time.

see if we think this way, THINK ABOVE THE LINE, stay positive, and just work at it, we can do almost anything with this. be it our 5 years goal or whatever. its possible.


i think that i typed so much because i didnt blog for super long. NOW YOU GUYS GOT SOMETHING TO READ! BE HAPPY! HAHAHA. :D