Thursday, June 05, 2008

the date is nearing.

ok, big groove is nearing. everyone is kinda worked up about it. well, at least from my point of view it is. but i know we can pull this off. i know it. somehow. haha.

limitations is a word hated almost every single person on the planet. because with this words brings along feelings like restriction and lost of freedom.

i personally hate it. because its always frustrating to know that there is something you cannot do, and other people can do it. yes, to be able to do everything on earth, then i would not be human already. but we all know humans yearn for perfection. i do too.

but through 2 years of dancing, i have come to face it that perfection is impossible, in classical sense of the word. but if to me, as a person, to my own definition of perfection? its hella possible. haha.

why i feel this way? because i have seen amazing people around me achieve the 'impossible'

like Ann, teaching a club of 100+ people with such a back condition,
like the numerous days of long practice hours to rush out a production like FANTAZIA,
like how danzation came to reality after Ann just accidentally said it,
like how NRA swept SUNTEC 2007,
like how we did in funka '08. NOTE, 3 best male dancers now, and our first best female,
like how Rough addicts got 4th in battlegrounds Australia.
like how 8 steps improve from shitty heats and still got into finals,
like how freestyling start in NRA,
like how we got be friends with each another,
like how brotherhood and family is formed in this dance club,

see, i'm am so accustomed to moving laong with time and just continue with dance and life that we forget we actually did things deem impossible in our own eyes at a certain period of our time.

see if we think this way, THINK ABOVE THE LINE, stay positive, and just work at it, we can do almost anything with this. be it our 5 years goal or whatever. its possible.


i think that i typed so much because i didnt blog for super long. NOW YOU GUYS GOT SOMETHING TO READ! BE HAPPY! HAHAHA. :D

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