Monday, November 16, 2009

to my other half:

You're the best. really. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009


HELLO DEAR!!!!!!!!! you are slping comfortably at home nowww.. wahahahaha!! and I just HACKED YOUR BLOGGGG!! WEEEHAAA!!! =P (this is how you hack someone's account.. =PP)

sorry these few days i've been very busy and my schedule like hectic, everytime can only squeeze out 1hr with u then i have to run off for prac, or my mum's childcare, sch stuffs for something.. then after that have to wait until 10plus when we both end our pracs or class then we can meet again.. then u have to send me home, then go home, then reach home late, slp late, wake up early, then u become v tired.. SORRYYY!!!! then everytime also make u spend money when im suppose to help you save money.. SORRYYY!!!! i'll try to help you save more money from now on k? *HUGS*

But then even so, I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! for always being so tolerant to all my nonsense, my mood swings, my rantings, my complains, my mum, my blur-ness, EVERYTHING!!! *thinking of how to put my feelings into words* like cannot.. damn... but nvm!! Jia you for BATTLEGROUNDS K BABY!!!! =DD RONNIE GO RONNIE GO!! TOOT FACE GO TOOT FACE GO!!!

Ulti love you.. <3

Sunday, November 08, 2009

After so long


OMG! I'm starting to feel the ORD mood liao. But then again, a lot of my friends in NS are ORD-ing like next week and 1 of them already ORD-ed last friday.

soon will be my turn! I can picture so many things i wanna do with that freedom.

Well, I know it's freaking long since my last update and I doubt anyone reads this often also so oh wells, who cares eh. hahaha.

Wassup now is just getting ready for battlegrounds, hopefully the leave works out and we can go as 7 strong and trying spread my time out more evenly. I realized its been months since I last had a nice proper dinner with mum with having to rush off to somewhere after that.

I miss going out with mum to eat, do groceries and just chill out catch up on life with her. It's as if like my home has turn into a hotel, and I don't like it. it sucks. Time passes so fast by nowadays and sometimes I don't even know what happened in that time until its over and it's so scary because you are living your own life and yet you don't know what is happening in it. Man! all that stress and hectic lifestyle is taking a toll on my mental health i swear.

But on the lighter note, Im blessed enough to have a wonderful lady by my side for these 4 months, although our individual schedules are mad hectic but we still manage to squeeze some time out for some good old lovey dovey eh? :D

DAMN! I wanted to type somemore but looks like its getting real late so imma hit you guys up soon aite!