Monday, February 27, 2006

YAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNN... tues got exam. =( im not studying yet. shit. im really gonna get myself into serious trouble if i fail OS. SOMEONE HELP ME PLS. >.< hmmm... i hope psp n es1 can pass. VERY SCARED. I NEED TUITION BADLY. hahahaa

my idol is a finacial consultant. can u imagine that? =.=



- study -

Thursday, February 23, 2006

its nearing 5 am and im doing revision. mums gonna kill me if she wakes up and see me studying. hahaa.. dunno wad got over me to study, maybe the urge to get into UNI is too strong?

wadeva the reason. i shall work hard then. since the studying mood is hard to come by, might as well make full use of it.

\\ going to lala land with my textbooks.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

hmm.. i went for a jog at 3pm. was freaking hot la.. but i sweat alot. so im slimming down, cuz CNY de effects are veri deadly. CNY make ppl FAT! hhaha.. holidays are coming, so its back to the gym n off to work. hmm, juz 1 more week to exam! JIA YOU BA.

btw, its joanna birthday? haha.. happy birthday silly. =)

Monday, February 20, 2006

hm, its been like a few days since i blogged? haha, alot of things happened la.

i din go for tkd training last friday, cause i have something on. hahaa.

SAT was shitty, i dunno wad got over me to stay up till like 7am?! wad the hell is wrong with me man, slept for 2 hours, wake up, watch THE ALL-STAR WEEKEND. DAMN SHIT MAN, NATE ROBINSON IS SOOOOOOO FREAKING POWER. HE JUMPED OVER SPUD WEBB, which is as the same height as him, in other words, nate robinson jump above 1.6m n dunked the ball infront of 18,000 viewers. no doubt about it, he IS the dunk champion. then after the tv and stuff, went to move stuffs to 4th aunt house, went home and go out for bball again. WOOT, so damn tired now. lighty re-sprained my ankle again. tml have OS tuition, alrightss! 1 more week of studying n im year2 ! hhahaa..

best wishes to all taking papers. XD

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ohh! today was tim's birthday. and by right, we beat the living hell out of him, he got his undies ripped thanks to urs truly and got cakes on his face by ur truly again. haha, but he was game enuff for all that, COOL MAN.

SERIOUSLY, the thought of joining NRA is really appealing man.. cant get dancing out of my head. hahaa.. silly me.

jia wah found out hu i like le.. its like so many people noe le.. haiyo. =X

Monday, February 13, 2006

sian la. today suck big time. keep tio suan by people, whats so funny about it when u are joking about peoples feelings anyway? i dun see whats there to joke about..

y not u try liking someone and have ur feelings treated as a joke by other people. think about it.

RONNIE IS BACK TO HIS HOME... YEAH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe.. lets see what i get for goin back home, firstly, i get to sleep till late late and still be punctual for class. secondly, I can do my aa3 without disturbing people. thirdly, i can have all the house to myself. this list goes on and on... ohhh.. and high speed net connection. XD

now that ronnie is back in his home. THE WORLD IS NOW AT PEACE. haha. =P

Sunday, February 12, 2006

today i woke up late, and had to rush my ass to school. =(


when i got there, i was not late cuz we ended up doing push-ups for those who are considered late. =X ann thought us a couple of moves and then we were off to our groups to come up with a dance that muz be at least 1 min long. then my group had,SK,YQ, me, miao xin, jun xuan, an indian guy, and 2 other girls. LOL, SK is COOL man, the way he dance is some what like ann, maybe he have hip hop in his blood. *jealous* so we came up with the steps, AND THE SINGAPORE WORKOUT PART WAS DOPE MAN! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

firstly, i thought that we will lose like crap. cuz when i saw the other groups, they were really good and then the actions are really THERE. haha, but when it came to the real thing, i guess those peeps were shy and din really dare to dance it out. SAD CASE. =X BUT THE MOST MESSED UP part is i saw FERONZ? i was like WTF u doing here? haha, so first up was peiling, hehe, she did pretty good la, compare to the first lesson. then came serene and feronz, serene was cool but feronz cock up on a couple of occasions.some how in a scarastic manner, it was kinda fun to see feronz dance la. XD next, was jake, b4 his turn, he say he FORGOT the steps?! -.- haha, but he did good though, can follow but juz a lil bit too stiff? in fact all of us were a lil stiff. LOL

THEN IT WAS MY TURN! =.= hehe, cant exactly say i did good but when i saw SK doing his thing, i was kinda infected by him and think im finally about to let go n DANCE! haha, the last part so diao! after the ending pose then there was cheers for our group! hehe, soooooo happy XD

and when ann say that winner is choosen by crowd reponse, they all shouted like mad for their own group. BUT, GROUP 6 WON! LOL all the credits prolly go to yq and sk la. they are the 1 who came up wit the steps in the first place. haha!! the whole thing ended in a fun way. BUT this lead to another qns,

should i go for NRA audition after the holidays? hmm.. =X

Thursday, February 09, 2006

AW MAN! today is the last sports and wellness lesson le, SO SIAN! i wan it to last longer can? >.< maybe i should go for the NRA audition. XD haha, come to think of it? WAD IF i REALL go for the audition? will i get in? wahha.. maybe go the audition to try my luck? haha.

hmm, y did i wan to join NRA? i like hip hop too much? i love to see ann dance to much? haha, wadever the reason, just go and see lor. its fun anyway. =X

AND i customized my lappy desktop theme! TOTALLY ROX! tml hu see liao say not nice then u betta watch out. =) ooohhh, my shoes are spoiled and water goes in easily on rainly days. but im too lazy to buy a new pair and cant afford 1 anyway. Oh hell, hmm would god please drop me a pair of brand new sneakers so that good old ronnie can go to school without suffering from wet feet during rainly days in school? =X

after this weekend, i will be moving back to my OLD house! haha, and till now then i realise how much i love that house, miss the big bed, the grass, EVERYTHING! haha.

-dozing off while thinking of silly-

Wednesday, February 08, 2006



juz now tt post forgot put offset. but i really gort study...XD
hmm, what a wednesday! woke up at 7?! figured that im definately late already, so might as well go at a relaxed pace? the ES1 topic is about some switch or something. bleah,cant get the facts in my head. then came break time, which i had to borrow money from my good friend boon chye. =ALL BECAUSE OF THE DAMN SLIPPERS. haha.. got them for like $8? >.<

during OS, i was really listening on the page count thing. the formula is :


correct rite?

see???? i got listen. XD. gotta hand up PSP assignment, copy OS that is due on fri, MOL too. DAMN, got too much shit on my plate. then ellen jie likie angry with me? come on, it was just a small lil lie, im sorwie~~T.T when home with jeremy, tok about stuffs, haha. DAMN JEREMY, what we tok about was wicked man! WE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

bandage taken off-

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

GOOD MORNING!'s lesson is at 1 and i woke up early actually wanting to go to acer to fix my lappy, but when i call that person say she would send someone down instead. life without laptop is crappy man, i actually have to share with my cousin, which i know he hates but he still let me use. = i also when to the sinsei and got my leg "fixed",bandaged. Even though its not hurting when im walking, but i cant jump with my right foot, so must faster recover, CUZ I WAN TO DUNK ON PEOPLE. XD

later still got CM retest and need to do correction =( BUT lets hope this time i can pass my CM. cos its a sub i think that scoring is actually possible. hehe, jia you bah ronnie! work hard on your studies and nth else!! XD

Friday, February 03, 2006

WASSUP WASSUP!! these few days ankle is hurting so din really hav the heart to come and blog. hmm.. lets do a recap, a crazy uncle spoiled my new year, forced me to stay at my cousin house to escape his craziness. ankle hav been doing fine but i like jump lower le. T.T saw jo xiang and eve at open house ytd, n din dance for hip hop. YUCKS.. that totally sucks.. its the last second lesson liao leh. T.T today bball abit, saw jeremy's girlfriend. dammit sia, keep saying his girlfriend not chio not chio, I DUN SEE WADS NOT CHIO ABOUT UR GIRLFRIEND LOR JEREMY. be lucky u got her la, unlike me..... UNWANTED =(

*heal faster pls*

OHHH YA!! thx 1f02 for your winnings. im definately looking forward to the next winning session. LOL