Tuesday, February 07, 2006

GOOD MORNING! haha..today's lesson is at 1 and i woke up early actually wanting to go to acer to fix my lappy, but when i call that person say she would send someone down instead. life without laptop is crappy man, i actually have to share with my cousin, which i know he hates but he still let me use. = i also when to the sinsei and got my leg "fixed",bandaged. Even though its not hurting when im walking, but i cant jump with my right foot, so must faster recover, CUZ I WAN TO DUNK ON PEOPLE. XD

later still got CM retest and need to do correction =( BUT lets hope this time i can pass my CM. cos its a sub i think that scoring is actually possible. hehe, jia you bah ronnie! work hard on your studies and nth else!! XD

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