Wednesday, February 08, 2006

hmm, what a wednesday! woke up at 7?! figured that im definately late already, so might as well go at a relaxed pace? the ES1 topic is about some switch or something. bleah,cant get the facts in my head. then came break time, which i had to borrow money from my good friend boon chye. =ALL BECAUSE OF THE DAMN SLIPPERS. haha.. got them for like $8? >.<

during OS, i was really listening on the page count thing. the formula is :


correct rite?

see???? i got listen. XD. gotta hand up PSP assignment, copy OS that is due on fri, MOL too. DAMN, got too much shit on my plate. then ellen jie likie angry with me? come on, it was just a small lil lie, im sorwie~~T.T when home with jeremy, tok about stuffs, haha. DAMN JEREMY, what we tok about was wicked man! WE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

bandage taken off-

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