Monday, February 20, 2006

hm, its been like a few days since i blogged? haha, alot of things happened la.

i din go for tkd training last friday, cause i have something on. hahaa.

SAT was shitty, i dunno wad got over me to stay up till like 7am?! wad the hell is wrong with me man, slept for 2 hours, wake up, watch THE ALL-STAR WEEKEND. DAMN SHIT MAN, NATE ROBINSON IS SOOOOOOO FREAKING POWER. HE JUMPED OVER SPUD WEBB, which is as the same height as him, in other words, nate robinson jump above 1.6m n dunked the ball infront of 18,000 viewers. no doubt about it, he IS the dunk champion. then after the tv and stuff, went to move stuffs to 4th aunt house, went home and go out for bball again. WOOT, so damn tired now. lighty re-sprained my ankle again. tml have OS tuition, alrightss! 1 more week of studying n im year2 ! hhahaa..

best wishes to all taking papers. XD

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