Friday, February 03, 2006

WASSUP WASSUP!! these few days ankle is hurting so din really hav the heart to come and blog. hmm.. lets do a recap, a crazy uncle spoiled my new year, forced me to stay at my cousin house to escape his craziness. ankle hav been doing fine but i like jump lower le. T.T saw jo xiang and eve at open house ytd, n din dance for hip hop. YUCKS.. that totally sucks.. its the last second lesson liao leh. T.T today bball abit, saw jeremy's girlfriend. dammit sia, keep saying his girlfriend not chio not chio, I DUN SEE WADS NOT CHIO ABOUT UR GIRLFRIEND LOR JEREMY. be lucky u got her la, unlike me..... UNWANTED =(

*heal faster pls*

OHHH YA!! thx 1f02 for your winnings. im definately looking forward to the next winning session. LOL

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