Sunday, February 12, 2006

today i woke up late, and had to rush my ass to school. =(


when i got there, i was not late cuz we ended up doing push-ups for those who are considered late. =X ann thought us a couple of moves and then we were off to our groups to come up with a dance that muz be at least 1 min long. then my group had,SK,YQ, me, miao xin, jun xuan, an indian guy, and 2 other girls. LOL, SK is COOL man, the way he dance is some what like ann, maybe he have hip hop in his blood. *jealous* so we came up with the steps, AND THE SINGAPORE WORKOUT PART WAS DOPE MAN! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

firstly, i thought that we will lose like crap. cuz when i saw the other groups, they were really good and then the actions are really THERE. haha, but when it came to the real thing, i guess those peeps were shy and din really dare to dance it out. SAD CASE. =X BUT THE MOST MESSED UP part is i saw FERONZ? i was like WTF u doing here? haha, so first up was peiling, hehe, she did pretty good la, compare to the first lesson. then came serene and feronz, serene was cool but feronz cock up on a couple of occasions.some how in a scarastic manner, it was kinda fun to see feronz dance la. XD next, was jake, b4 his turn, he say he FORGOT the steps?! -.- haha, but he did good though, can follow but juz a lil bit too stiff? in fact all of us were a lil stiff. LOL

THEN IT WAS MY TURN! =.= hehe, cant exactly say i did good but when i saw SK doing his thing, i was kinda infected by him and think im finally about to let go n DANCE! haha, the last part so diao! after the ending pose then there was cheers for our group! hehe, soooooo happy XD

and when ann say that winner is choosen by crowd reponse, they all shouted like mad for their own group. BUT, GROUP 6 WON! LOL all the credits prolly go to yq and sk la. they are the 1 who came up wit the steps in the first place. haha!! the whole thing ended in a fun way. BUT this lead to another qns,

should i go for NRA audition after the holidays? hmm.. =X

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