Thursday, April 08, 2010

SBDC 2010

Dear friends,

We, Joyce and The Boys, would like to take this opportunity to strongly suggest that if any of you happened to post anything regarding Mr Raja Shajaran, A Team(Organizing Company of SBDC), OR the event SBDC 2010 itself, please remove all posts immediately. This is to prevent any possible legal action to be taken against you, by the organizing company.

What we did was against the law of Singapore and the policy of Facebook usage. Our group, JATB, has already received the legal defamation letter by the company. However we have already cleared the matter with the company on OUR SIDE.

They will pursue 'the matter', following up against all the recepients who have posted up such comments on Facebook. They have screenshots, and JATB has seen them. Therefore, those who do not have Raja Shajaran in your friends list, please add him and either send him an email via facebook, or type our as a post, a SINCERE apology(please don't be sarcastic). Leave it there for a few days for the company to take note of it and clear the matter with each respective individual.

PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. We, Joyce and The Boys, are really sorry if any of our actions are influential to you in any way. Lastly, we're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sunday, February 21, 2010



love the show, i kinda like army shows the garang garang, cool machines and uniform and shit. haha, but i can't do it for a living luh, totally not my shit. lol. but hurt locker is DOPE! the character, the storyline and the constant changing of bad ass/care for friend soldier, the shots they had. woot!

well small update coming your way!

so zoe and me was suppose to head down to marina barrage to like chill out, watch whatever thats there and do couple-ly stuff. but then again, i happen to check the timing for HURT LOCKER, so we decided to ditch that and go for a nice movie, and being a film student, darling was easily bought in! hahhahaha.

but we definately will go to marina barrage though, probably prepare lunch box for each other or something and go eat there. lol. well, if we have the time.

OH YEA! I'm 2.5 months to my ORD!

after that I'm gonna find a way to make ends meet, dance like crazy bastard and still be a good son/boyfriend/friend(in no order of preference, lol).

on the other hand, SBDC & SDD practs are pretty good so far, but we just gotta do out other pieces first just in case we get lucky and stuff. fingers crossed here! oh yea, my life is happening right here! can't wait to accomplish something positive!

alright, I'm gonna leave now so peace! have a good sleep. its the attack of the monday blues in a few hours time. haaa.

p.s i went 3 days without bubble tea! my next bubble tea will be this thurs. oh yea, you heard it right. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


yeap, that is what this blog is suffering from. I just don't have the drive to blog anymore! as much as I want too, or feel like 'hey this thing is kinda cool! i'll blog about it when i get home'


Okay, here's a short update:

its 2010.

I'm 2.5 months away from completing national service.

I'm gonna take part in Singapore Best Dance Crew & Singapore Dance Delight, Wish me and my team luck here alright!! Practices are kinda productive. I'm surprised!


Still with my AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE one and only lady. had a short&sweet valentine's along with it. Its my virgin valentine's! haha.

Chinese New Year, so i got some ang baos. and I'm gonna go pray later.

Scheduled for physio today so I'm starting work tml, then is FRIDAY! haha.

alright, thats about it. :D later!

Monday, November 16, 2009

to my other half:

You're the best. really. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009


HELLO DEAR!!!!!!!!! you are slping comfortably at home nowww.. wahahahaha!! and I just HACKED YOUR BLOGGGG!! WEEEHAAA!!! =P (this is how you hack someone's account.. =PP)

sorry these few days i've been very busy and my schedule like hectic, everytime can only squeeze out 1hr with u then i have to run off for prac, or my mum's childcare, sch stuffs for something.. then after that have to wait until 10plus when we both end our pracs or class then we can meet again.. then u have to send me home, then go home, then reach home late, slp late, wake up early, then u become v tired.. SORRYYY!!!! then everytime also make u spend money when im suppose to help you save money.. SORRYYY!!!! i'll try to help you save more money from now on k? *HUGS*

But then even so, I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! for always being so tolerant to all my nonsense, my mood swings, my rantings, my complains, my mum, my blur-ness, EVERYTHING!!! *thinking of how to put my feelings into words* like cannot.. damn... but nvm!! Jia you for BATTLEGROUNDS K BABY!!!! =DD RONNIE GO RONNIE GO!! TOOT FACE GO TOOT FACE GO!!!

Ulti love you.. <3

Sunday, November 08, 2009

After so long


OMG! I'm starting to feel the ORD mood liao. But then again, a lot of my friends in NS are ORD-ing like next week and 1 of them already ORD-ed last friday.

soon will be my turn! I can picture so many things i wanna do with that freedom.

Well, I know it's freaking long since my last update and I doubt anyone reads this often also so oh wells, who cares eh. hahaha.

Wassup now is just getting ready for battlegrounds, hopefully the leave works out and we can go as 7 strong and trying spread my time out more evenly. I realized its been months since I last had a nice proper dinner with mum with having to rush off to somewhere after that.

I miss going out with mum to eat, do groceries and just chill out catch up on life with her. It's as if like my home has turn into a hotel, and I don't like it. it sucks. Time passes so fast by nowadays and sometimes I don't even know what happened in that time until its over and it's so scary because you are living your own life and yet you don't know what is happening in it. Man! all that stress and hectic lifestyle is taking a toll on my mental health i swear.

But on the lighter note, Im blessed enough to have a wonderful lady by my side for these 4 months, although our individual schedules are mad hectic but we still manage to squeeze some time out for some good old lovey dovey eh? :D

DAMN! I wanted to type somemore but looks like its getting real late so imma hit you guys up soon aite!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 more months

I am 6 months away from chasing my dreams.

I wanna improve my dance.
I wanna start dancing full time.
I wanna spend more time with my MUM. ( I neglected her like super alot, damn)
I wanna spend more time with my lady.
I wanna spend more time with PPPPP.
I wanna start supporting my family.
I wanna start taking driving lessons.
I wanna plan for my LA trip.
I wanna open a studio with my friends.
I wanna ORD.


yes people, thats how bad i want it to happen. I need to finish my army fast, so i can carry on with my life.

on a lighter note, Life has been good to me so far. EXCEPT FOR THE STUPID FPUL, it means full-paid unrecovered leave. ARGH.

Well, taught classes, took classes. learn that I'm still only scraping the surface of dance. Long long way to go! and yea, thanks to everyone that came down for crew class that day, its unexpected to have that amount of people. :D

to be honest I thought i most like will teach some R&B song but ended up doing Feel Good Inc instead. maybe its the start of breaking the boundaries and start grow as a dancer even more. haha. well, hope I was able to let you guys take something away from it.