Thursday, April 08, 2010

SBDC 2010

Dear friends,

We, Joyce and The Boys, would like to take this opportunity to strongly suggest that if any of you happened to post anything regarding Mr Raja Shajaran, A Team(Organizing Company of SBDC), OR the event SBDC 2010 itself, please remove all posts immediately. This is to prevent any possible legal action to be taken against you, by the organizing company.

What we did was against the law of Singapore and the policy of Facebook usage. Our group, JATB, has already received the legal defamation letter by the company. However we have already cleared the matter with the company on OUR SIDE.

They will pursue 'the matter', following up against all the recepients who have posted up such comments on Facebook. They have screenshots, and JATB has seen them. Therefore, those who do not have Raja Shajaran in your friends list, please add him and either send him an email via facebook, or type our as a post, a SINCERE apology(please don't be sarcastic). Leave it there for a few days for the company to take note of it and clear the matter with each respective individual.

PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. We, Joyce and The Boys, are really sorry if any of our actions are influential to you in any way. Lastly, we're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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