Sunday, February 21, 2010



love the show, i kinda like army shows the garang garang, cool machines and uniform and shit. haha, but i can't do it for a living luh, totally not my shit. lol. but hurt locker is DOPE! the character, the storyline and the constant changing of bad ass/care for friend soldier, the shots they had. woot!

well small update coming your way!

so zoe and me was suppose to head down to marina barrage to like chill out, watch whatever thats there and do couple-ly stuff. but then again, i happen to check the timing for HURT LOCKER, so we decided to ditch that and go for a nice movie, and being a film student, darling was easily bought in! hahhahaha.

but we definately will go to marina barrage though, probably prepare lunch box for each other or something and go eat there. lol. well, if we have the time.

OH YEA! I'm 2.5 months to my ORD!

after that I'm gonna find a way to make ends meet, dance like crazy bastard and still be a good son/boyfriend/friend(in no order of preference, lol).

on the other hand, SBDC & SDD practs are pretty good so far, but we just gotta do out other pieces first just in case we get lucky and stuff. fingers crossed here! oh yea, my life is happening right here! can't wait to accomplish something positive!

alright, I'm gonna leave now so peace! have a good sleep. its the attack of the monday blues in a few hours time. haaa.

p.s i went 3 days without bubble tea! my next bubble tea will be this thurs. oh yea, you heard it right. :)

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