Tuesday, October 19, 2004

heh..morning went for bball,actually run too much still will pain.betta dun stress it.think i giv it a weel or more to rest..today bought nba live 2005,all thanks to bert came all the way to lot1 n lend me money.lol.den tok to her wor,neber reply though,but after tt she sms me..haha.daryl today brought the fake hair..lol..if i see him wear it ar..i'm so gonna kill him..lol...overall..i'm satisfied today wit wad is did..most importantly, she knew tt i care.onli tt she feel funni to accept it..maybe time will prove bah.i onli hope she does smash the hope she gave me. hehe..one more thing,i think i will not trust fate animore,becuz wad u giv is wad u get..no such thing as 'free lunch' same goes for me.i wanna get good in bball,tkd or relationship,i muz achieve it myself..whwahaha..k la..go le.. -.-Zzzz

Sunday, October 17, 2004

woOOoO..let the rain fall non stop!! lol,today was cool.me n my mama,we both were doin our stuff n it was so quiet.though the scilence was for a couple of hours,but we enjoy each other's company..lol.then my grand mama cook for me today,so touched..hee..tml got Os practical..hehe...i 'm like so kan jiong now...tml muz score!!!!!!! lol out..
it's been 3 days since i updated my blog,haha.din went to sch these few days,but i make it up by studyin at home, even though got alot of temptation but i still overcame it.feel so proud of myself.he..but today din even touch the books.die liao la.tml muz make up for it..den he told me she wanna go jjc.then wan me to try to get results to get into jjc oso,siao man.but i'm like so totally rejected by her lor..somemore so many ppl wooing her.haix..depressed. HEY RONNIE! WAKE UP! IT'S THE O LEVEL TIME,WAD ARE U DOIN THINK BOUT THESE STUFFS??!!!!!!!.. man i think i'm gonna collaspe..argh.. i'm out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

i realised some important today..it's bout her.haix..i find myself being too appoaching le..i means it like if the feel is there,y does 1 need to try so hard?haix..maybe she juz find me tt i mean nth in her life,or i mean nth to her.haix..since lidat,proves things are not mean to be le lor...so troubled bout this.but she looks kinda pressured this few days,i really wanna tok to her but everytime i try she juz shy away.haix.. i feel like i am so useless n like making myself available to her..haix..maybe forgetting her is for the best but i dun wanna forget about her.she is not a simple gal hu i can juz forget.i neber hav this feelings for a gal b4,man,i am starting to messed up,everytime when we tok is kinda one sided, i ask ,she ans, tt's all.man,this means she doesn't like to tok to me,she tryin to prove something or is it tt i tinnk too much..oh man, this prob is realli bugging me out..but 1 thing stills remain a fact and always will, i hav realli fallen for her. but this things muz be mutual,so if we dun click,maybe i should juz get on wit life.ARGH,i am so bothered... =(

Monday, October 11, 2004

weeee....today neber go sch cuz too tired sia,but i did study though.5 HOURS STRAIGHT!(impressed?) hehe..seriously..revised my social studies n practise my 'A' maths.haha,i oso surprised wit myself ar.tml how ar..giv wad excuse..die ar~tml oso muz continue to lidat..Os are cuming cumin le..buckle up bah ronnie.....i guess tt's all..byez.... -gonex-

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Friday, October 08, 2004

today so tiring sia..even though onli study till 12.30 but is damn tired.dunno y sia..maybe is really tt radiation thingy.heh..got the see the doc..i was talking halfway n "CRACK" u twisted my leg T.T but not pain though.heh,come home,sleep liao really cannot take..haix...still cannot do sports... *hope to recover soon..yawns..* =)

Thursday, October 07, 2004

today when to see the movie..'vanity fair' wad sia...damn boring,i onli kept throwing popcorn at others onli.hee.then i ended up leaving the show b4 it is finish.lol.went to the library to take a look.WOAH~ it was damn hot man,the the fourth level still got a level specially for teenagers.steady man..this sunday goin there to study...man, i 'm like so looking forward to this.woot..now, go slp le..damn tired..hehe =)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

2 days no update le..hehe...did so poor for prelims.haix.regret neber study hard.now muz pia le....i wan to hot le.hehe..this fri need to go bandage my leg...alamak sia. now ar, i wanna do well for Os n go into singapore poly.hmm..dennn carry on wit life bah,n oso yesterday when to catch a movie wit my mum.we watched new police story,even though i watch it b4,but watching it wit my mum was somehow special.i think about it,i hav not been acompanying my mum like this for a long time.muz make up to her..hehe..

Monday, October 04, 2004

Sunday, October 03, 2004

today, was BORING! but i think my leg got betta though.hehe.when to the market wit my mum,den i remember tt my my mum once didn't dare to buy a brand of toilet paper cuz there is a doggie pic on it.guess wad, she actually thought tt tt kind of toilet paper was for DOGS!!! lol~ blur sia.now finding song sia,so long~ now,go eat le, chows. * smilex*

Saturday, October 02, 2004

today was boring,whole day at home watching tv,play game and i cleaned my room! haha,i polished my com,tidy up my room n make the bed.haha,surprised? i definately am.so tired now, tml is oso gonna a boring day i guess.nth to do~ my mum keep telling me to study, really getting on my nerves.but i thing she is trying to help.haha,maybe i should juz go study. hmm..nth to write le..nitez~ tata.

Friday, October 01, 2004

2 days no update le..today i was so tired.at sch kept feelin like wanting to slp lidat.today is children day,how i wish i no need to go sch.juz called for pizza cuz i have to sudden urge to gobble my fav food,haha.i am so full now,i juz love this kind of lifestyle,pizza,slp n [YOU].it's is enuff le.no need so much..haha guess i'm bout to go c the sinseh again le lor..=)