Tuesday, October 12, 2004

i realised some important today..it's bout her.haix..i find myself being too appoaching le..i means it like if the feel is there,y does 1 need to try so hard?haix..maybe she juz find me tt i mean nth in her life,or i mean nth to her.haix..since lidat,proves things are not mean to be le lor...so troubled bout this.but she looks kinda pressured this few days,i really wanna tok to her but everytime i try she juz shy away.haix.. i feel like i am so useless n like making myself available to her..haix..maybe forgetting her is for the best but i dun wanna forget about her.she is not a simple gal hu i can juz forget.i neber hav this feelings for a gal b4,man,i am starting to messed up,everytime when we tok is kinda one sided, i ask ,she ans, tt's all.man,this means she doesn't like to tok to me,she tryin to prove something or is it tt i tinnk too much..oh man, this prob is realli bugging me out..but 1 thing stills remain a fact and always will, i hav realli fallen for her. but this things muz be mutual,so if we dun click,maybe i should juz get on wit life.ARGH,i am so bothered... =(

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