Tuesday, October 19, 2004

heh..morning went for bball,actually run too much still will pain.betta dun stress it.think i giv it a weel or more to rest..today bought nba live 2005,all thanks to bert came all the way to lot1 n lend me money.lol.den tok to her wor,neber reply though,but after tt she sms me..haha.daryl today brought the fake hair..lol..if i see him wear it ar..i'm so gonna kill him..lol...overall..i'm satisfied today wit wad is did..most importantly, she knew tt i care.onli tt she feel funni to accept it..maybe time will prove bah.i onli hope she does smash the hope she gave me. hehe..one more thing,i think i will not trust fate animore,becuz wad u giv is wad u get..no such thing as 'free lunch' same goes for me.i wanna get good in bball,tkd or relationship,i muz achieve it myself..whwahaha..k la..go le.. -.-Zzzz

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