Sunday, October 17, 2004

it's been 3 days since i updated my blog,haha.din went to sch these few days,but i make it up by studyin at home, even though got alot of temptation but i still overcame it.feel so proud of myself.he..but today din even touch the books.die liao la.tml muz make up for it..den he told me she wanna go jjc.then wan me to try to get results to get into jjc oso,siao man.but i'm like so totally rejected by her lor..somemore so many ppl wooing her.haix..depressed. HEY RONNIE! WAKE UP! IT'S THE O LEVEL TIME,WAD ARE U DOIN THINK BOUT THESE STUFFS??!!!!!!!.. man i think i'm gonna collaspe..argh.. i'm out.

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