Saturday, June 30, 2007


yea, finished the perf ytd. GOOD JOB PEOPLE.

i know we still have too much to work on, but i dare say its a good effort at least. hoho.

personally, i failed to reach what i expect for myself. =/

after that was TRANSFORMERS! omg, thats dope shit man. i think the artist spend like 20 hours doing the CG and stuff. the graphics is insane man.

plus theres a hot chick, but alex doubt she is 100% real. LOL.

tip of the day :

eat apples and pao chi pills if you got the runs. if doesnt work, hope that victoria is taking mc and she told the doc she got diarehhia. diareia. DIE-RE-YER. screw the spelling man.

p.s: i just realize i have been spelling breakfast wrongly for the past 18 years of my life. MUAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

genius man. :D

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

weird change.

infront of me, is a bunch of people playing UNO.

and, im doing PROJECT.


I, RONNIE. DOING PROJECT. wtf man. gayness. the best part is im actually enthu about it and wan to do a good job and shit.

maybe, this is how i take break off dance. everyone gets tired of dance at some point of time. and suddenly something you dislike so much in your life can suddenly be your favorite past time.

haha. but, i still love dance. maybe im just so tired, im blaming dance for it. =/

i think i concluded why i like to do project already.

maybe its because i just installed office 2007 and everything looks cool and i suddenly feel that my laptop and been injected with new life. when actually the scratches are still there, and still a fugly laptop im using. HAHA.

i know this is random, but this is me. ai seh.

quote of the night :

" wear your knee support and chiong! "


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

finally, the rain.

lol. pls let me finsih my project in time. so i can keep on dancing.

please be hardowrking ronnie. dun screw urself up.


status : 80% recovered.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

day well spend.

yesterday. I danced from 10 till 4.

YAY. ultimate nice day. i don't feel tired at all until the end of the day.

but today, my whole body aching. -.-

6 weeks till the end of my PROJECT!

time to bring of the nerdy ronnie and ACE THE PROJECT.

ai seh. talk like good lidat.

OKAY! off to do work then. :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

to eve:

i know you are a strong girl, and i have to be strong too.
but seeing you go like that, it still pains me to have be seperated from a friend.
thank you for letting me have a friend like you.
thank you for calling me to practise after dance classes with you.
thank you for pushing me, making me do stretching with you.
thank you for showing me how to do turnings.
thank you for showing me the thing i thought i nv could have done.
thank you for stealing my green tea and drink.
thank you for letting me piggy back you.
thank you for calling me to morning call you.
thank you for inviting me to your birthday party last year.
thank you for letting me throw you into the pool at your party too.
thank you for all the cab rides we took.
thank you for singing with me at the KTV
thank you for all the jokes we shared.
thank you for shouting across the canteen to tell me you have reached.
thank you for cracking my back for me.
thank you for all the heart to heart talks.
thank you for dancing with me in danzation.
thank you for being my first ' wife '
thank you for having faith in me when i lost mine.
thank you eve.
im counting down to the number of days till you come back.
i miss you. :D


Friday, June 15, 2007


back to dance.


its been 13 months of dancing.

i had so much time to train.

still. im walking on the spot.

going nowhere.

zero groove.

zero technique.

zero feel.

and i still dare to call myself a " dancer "

im no where near it, nor will i be in the near future.

dun fucking blame your back problem ronnie.

dun blame it on your 6 week break.

you got only yourself to blame.

and you know the only solution.

take it or leave it.


Monday, June 11, 2007

cool breadfast. haa


they all are too insane already. too good. really too damn good.

i took picture with only 7 of them! where did bon go. :(

yokoi is really insipriring. so is the rest of them.

and i got the best sit for the concert! thats what terence said. lol.

spend the night outside, watched the men in white.

its either the director has no talent, or i am a sucker for jokes.

but anyway, heres the most interesting part of this blog post.

*weijie and me discussing what to eat*

Mac auntie : hey guys, what would like yea?

weijie *abit shocked* : eh, ron, you order first.

me *also abit shocked* : oh ok, auntie, i wan a hotcakes with sausage meal, change my drink to a big ice milo. thanks.

Mac auntie : oh yea, so your order is hotcakes with sausage meal drink cahnge to ice milo yea?

me : erm, ya.

Mac auntie : oh yea, what would you like sir? yea?

weijie : do you have student meal for this?

Mac auntie : yea yea.

Weijie : can i have a student meal, change my

Mac auntie : oh yea. yea. yea.

*Weijie trying to control his laughter and straing at me*

Weijie : change my drink to a big ice milo. thanks

*auntie goes and take out items*

me : oh YEA weijie, the auntie so yea yea man.

Weijie : the auntie abit weird.

*auntie comes back*

Me : can i have some gralic chilli, pepper, and jam?

Mac auntie : YEA, of course. how many packs you like? yea. yea.

Me: just a few will do. thanks.

*walks off*

MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA. the auntie keep yea-ing. looks like she is desperate of air or something. -.-

if you din laugh at this, probably its because i din laugh at her too.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

laugh out loud

was looking thru DANZATION pictures.

i found this pic by chance.

WOO. quite cool eh. LOL.

that aside, i still dunno why am i up at this hour when im suppose to sleep!

tml is gonna be slack day too! hoho. so fast my one week break is ending. man. that suck.

TBG coming up! WCO! NRA! OSCHOOL!

its going to be insane man. can't wait. :D

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

objective for now.

quick update!

1st: to recover my back

2nd: DANCE

3rd: get a part time job

4th: do good for my project.

ok, i pretty much have broken down my upcoming task to be done.

hoho. good luck to people having exams!

nth much to blog about. but im loving life now! hoho. hope people around me can be happy too. :D

Monday, June 04, 2007


even though im not taking it.


but im slacking.


this is going to be week full of slacking. LOL.





Saturday, June 02, 2007

random saturday post

random post.


im gonna have 1 week break! YAY.

but, all my friends are have exams. wtf. maybe i can meet up with zhou-gong more, play chess with him. helps back recovery. HOHO.

ok. IM OFF!

did you know?

i got handsome and beautiful friends. lol.

Friday, June 01, 2007

good to be able to believe

have faith.

thats the start of any task that one has to be successful in.

because if you lose faith, u lose hope along with it. and the drive.

so, do you still have faith?

doesnt matter how talented one can be.

just needs hardwork!

ok. all this im just saying to myself. sorry for being random. :X