Monday, June 11, 2007

cool breadfast. haa


they all are too insane already. too good. really too damn good.

i took picture with only 7 of them! where did bon go. :(

yokoi is really insipriring. so is the rest of them.

and i got the best sit for the concert! thats what terence said. lol.

spend the night outside, watched the men in white.

its either the director has no talent, or i am a sucker for jokes.

but anyway, heres the most interesting part of this blog post.

*weijie and me discussing what to eat*

Mac auntie : hey guys, what would like yea?

weijie *abit shocked* : eh, ron, you order first.

me *also abit shocked* : oh ok, auntie, i wan a hotcakes with sausage meal, change my drink to a big ice milo. thanks.

Mac auntie : oh yea, so your order is hotcakes with sausage meal drink cahnge to ice milo yea?

me : erm, ya.

Mac auntie : oh yea, what would you like sir? yea?

weijie : do you have student meal for this?

Mac auntie : yea yea.

Weijie : can i have a student meal, change my

Mac auntie : oh yea. yea. yea.

*Weijie trying to control his laughter and straing at me*

Weijie : change my drink to a big ice milo. thanks

*auntie goes and take out items*

me : oh YEA weijie, the auntie so yea yea man.

Weijie : the auntie abit weird.

*auntie comes back*

Me : can i have some gralic chilli, pepper, and jam?

Mac auntie : YEA, of course. how many packs you like? yea. yea.

Me: just a few will do. thanks.

*walks off*

MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA. the auntie keep yea-ing. looks like she is desperate of air or something. -.-

if you din laugh at this, probably its because i din laugh at her too.


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