Wednesday, June 27, 2007

weird change.

infront of me, is a bunch of people playing UNO.

and, im doing PROJECT.


I, RONNIE. DOING PROJECT. wtf man. gayness. the best part is im actually enthu about it and wan to do a good job and shit.

maybe, this is how i take break off dance. everyone gets tired of dance at some point of time. and suddenly something you dislike so much in your life can suddenly be your favorite past time.

haha. but, i still love dance. maybe im just so tired, im blaming dance for it. =/

i think i concluded why i like to do project already.

maybe its because i just installed office 2007 and everything looks cool and i suddenly feel that my laptop and been injected with new life. when actually the scratches are still there, and still a fugly laptop im using. HAHA.

i know this is random, but this is me. ai seh.

quote of the night :

" wear your knee support and chiong! "


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