Saturday, June 30, 2007


yea, finished the perf ytd. GOOD JOB PEOPLE.

i know we still have too much to work on, but i dare say its a good effort at least. hoho.

personally, i failed to reach what i expect for myself. =/

after that was TRANSFORMERS! omg, thats dope shit man. i think the artist spend like 20 hours doing the CG and stuff. the graphics is insane man.

plus theres a hot chick, but alex doubt she is 100% real. LOL.

tip of the day :

eat apples and pao chi pills if you got the runs. if doesnt work, hope that victoria is taking mc and she told the doc she got diarehhia. diareia. DIE-RE-YER. screw the spelling man.

p.s: i just realize i have been spelling breakfast wrongly for the past 18 years of my life. MUAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

genius man. :D

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