Monday, October 27, 2008

butterflies in the stomach.

i always get this feeling when i know i have to book in today. even though its like nth much, but somehow theres a part of me feeling uneasy about it.

Maybe its because I know i have to see another week fly pass just like that,
maybe im worried about my mum,
Maybe im worried about danzation.

or I just plainly dislike army.

man, i was about to blog some positive shit but NS just keeps bringing me down. boo.

BUT, im happy that im gonna finish addiction piece soon, sorry to all the dancers, i know i choreograph freaking slow. next time i will jia you! if there's the next time.

ok! i will update when i come back later. now like abit run out of ideas.

and, im happy that i got to be part of the choreography team this time, learn alot, been amazed by talent in the club yet again. man, SICK! :D

freaking cliche post

i wanna type alot, but im freaking tired to do so now. so im gonna hit the sack.

updating in a while! ;D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

haha. nice & simple. just the way i like it.

a small little surprise by the people in the studio today. haha, its a nice fuzzy feeling to experience once in a while. so THANKS.

the chocolate damn nice. haha.

this goes out to everyone doing danzation:

well, I believe danzation will be a success. because every book out i hit the studio, its just amazing to see that everyone improved so much. its amazing. haha.

maybe its bias to say this but i think da sushi peeps are improving at like rocket-speed. damn amazing. the 5 of you are like dancing at another level already, plus you guys are like in planning, music, vice president, working. man, u guys have high stress torlerance man.

mad respect.

but that doesnt take away anything from everyone else, so i just wanna say i hope you guys can really chill more in the studio, dun look so tensed up. you guys are doing great ah!

love watching you guys dance. ;D

Saturday, October 11, 2008

suddenly a random thought

PPPPP stands for:

people who party, play, practice and perform.

HAHA. told you its gonna be random. :/

Sunday, October 05, 2008

one more week to 3 months.

hmmm. tryout a new mindset?

hopefully it works. lol.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

i wanna say..

sorry to my mum.
sorry to dance (esp. people in addiction).
and sorry to my dear friends, includes everyone that i ever know, or anyone that considered me as a friend.

I'm really sorry. but I promise I will become a better son, a stronger dancer, and a more understanding friend.