Sunday, October 19, 2008

haha. nice & simple. just the way i like it.

a small little surprise by the people in the studio today. haha, its a nice fuzzy feeling to experience once in a while. so THANKS.

the chocolate damn nice. haha.

this goes out to everyone doing danzation:

well, I believe danzation will be a success. because every book out i hit the studio, its just amazing to see that everyone improved so much. its amazing. haha.

maybe its bias to say this but i think da sushi peeps are improving at like rocket-speed. damn amazing. the 5 of you are like dancing at another level already, plus you guys are like in planning, music, vice president, working. man, u guys have high stress torlerance man.

mad respect.

but that doesnt take away anything from everyone else, so i just wanna say i hope you guys can really chill more in the studio, dun look so tensed up. you guys are doing great ah!

love watching you guys dance. ;D

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