Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 more months

I am 6 months away from chasing my dreams.

I wanna improve my dance.
I wanna start dancing full time.
I wanna spend more time with my MUM. ( I neglected her like super alot, damn)
I wanna spend more time with my lady.
I wanna spend more time with PPPPP.
I wanna start supporting my family.
I wanna start taking driving lessons.
I wanna plan for my LA trip.
I wanna open a studio with my friends.
I wanna ORD.


yes people, thats how bad i want it to happen. I need to finish my army fast, so i can carry on with my life.

on a lighter note, Life has been good to me so far. EXCEPT FOR THE STUPID FPUL, it means full-paid unrecovered leave. ARGH.

Well, taught classes, took classes. learn that I'm still only scraping the surface of dance. Long long way to go! and yea, thanks to everyone that came down for crew class that day, its unexpected to have that amount of people. :D

to be honest I thought i most like will teach some R&B song but ended up doing Feel Good Inc instead. maybe its the start of breaking the boundaries and start grow as a dancer even more. haha. well, hope I was able to let you guys take something away from it.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hello world

hi everyone, i know its been ages since i uploaded some worthy of reading or anything.

but first things first! this blog is up and running again! thats for sure. hahaa. so do check back or whatever ok?

anyway recently i've been twitting alot! its seriously fun! haha, can update thru sms. super shiok!

Twit me @ ronnnnnnnnnnie ! thats my user name. it has 10 'N's in it. dont ask me why. i just felt like it. :D

ok, now whats next would be a whole lot of dancing, training for battlegrounds. hopefully things get thru and we can go as 7 strong yo! well, thats the end of my quick update!

love y'all!