Thursday, February 09, 2006

AW MAN! today is the last sports and wellness lesson le, SO SIAN! i wan it to last longer can? >.< maybe i should go for the NRA audition. XD haha, come to think of it? WAD IF i REALL go for the audition? will i get in? wahha.. maybe go the audition to try my luck? haha.

hmm, y did i wan to join NRA? i like hip hop too much? i love to see ann dance to much? haha, wadever the reason, just go and see lor. its fun anyway. =X

AND i customized my lappy desktop theme! TOTALLY ROX! tml hu see liao say not nice then u betta watch out. =) ooohhh, my shoes are spoiled and water goes in easily on rainly days. but im too lazy to buy a new pair and cant afford 1 anyway. Oh hell, hmm would god please drop me a pair of brand new sneakers so that good old ronnie can go to school without suffering from wet feet during rainly days in school? =X

after this weekend, i will be moving back to my OLD house! haha, and till now then i realise how much i love that house, miss the big bed, the grass, EVERYTHING! haha.

-dozing off while thinking of silly-

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