Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ahh, finally a weekend thats stress free.

haha, saturday was WORK, and yes, i got myself a reward. haha.


hahaha. im not used to seeing my ankles actually. but i wanted to get a low cut shoe, cause too much of high cut recently. too dancer for me already. need to find the chill side of myself. lol.

well. SENTOSA is fun. even though we din really plan what to do there. BUT I CAME UP WITH GOOD IDEA.

jump into water.

i suck at that. seriously. everytime i try to jump, i will have this weird questionmark in my head, next moment, i trip into the water. hahaha. zzz.

so loser, can dance, btu cant even jump into water. lolol.

2 more weeks to army! CHIONG AR!

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