Monday, May 22, 2006

haven been blogging faithfully these days. I KNOW U GUYS ARE MISSING MY ENTRIES. =P

this post is dedicated to STORMERS.
okay, here's the big thing that has taken place during the weekends.


beat that man, we totally rocks. every single stormer played well, GREAT JOB GUYS. lets see,

daryl - you played well even though u are sick. *thumbs up*

darren - ur defence is stifling and us position as point guard is WOOT!

bert - dun worry about being not hard enuff when offence and defence, takes time la. work hard and you will suceed. =)

wang jie - blardy hell run so fast, all ur 1 man fast break points are indeed a big advantage for us.

chris - dominated the board and play hard in the paint. no wonder you are named "white dragon".

sebas - even an injured leg cant slow u down huh?

long - after training still can score in match? NOT BAD.

jia wah - i saw you huslting for the ball, all you need is agression, but in a good way.

yan an - hope you learn what you need to improve during the game. lets improve together.

jun hao - your chopper says all.

overall, we played hard, played unselfishly. a deserving win. lets continue this streak alrights?

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