Wednesday, May 03, 2006

AHHHHHH~~~~ life's great. today, lessons starts at 10, i reach at 10.16 and got marked ABSENT. zzzz. so in sch, it was lessons, lessons and more lessons. today, we were introduced to our assignments for the semester. I FRIGGIN HATE ASSIGNMENTS. they take away time. =(

but for the sake of good grades, gotta bear with it i guess. i think if i can really pass all my assignments, i can be superman already. the workload is totally ALOT. call me lazy, wadever.

so after school, i quickly rush home, washed up, changed into bball attire and rush down to sv, for wad u said? basketball! played some 2 on 2 and some shooting games, and i din know my 3pt% was 50%. must be damn lucky today. lol, after that, we ran suicides. darren puked, wtf? his face went so damn pale afterwards. wj more funny, keep trying to make himself puke. LOL. so darren, me and spidey had dinner, or rather, I had dinner, those 2 just got drinks. -.- pang seh me eat alone.

so now, here i am, lying on my bed half-naked, blogging, chatting, strawberry yogurt and nodding to the beats of my music. i know this aint much but yea, im enjoying it. XD

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