Friday, May 26, 2006

so this is wad i do when im bored in sch, i blog. lol.

alright, couple days ago, i had this weird ass dream where i migrated to korea. then i was alone, so i kinda need a place to live right? here's the weird thing, i actually dream of me renting a room from boa's mansion. weird huh?

and after like living there for 1 week or so, i was getting along with boa and one day i came back and saw her crying at the dinner table, so i was like 'what-happened?' she said her whole family is migrating to denver(dun ask me why issit denver, even i dunno.) so i kinda began consolling her,

so i console...

console somemore,

console even more,

and DAMN, i woke up. snapped back to reality. i woke up feeling in a mood for love. *shrugs*

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