Tuesday, May 16, 2006

today is tuesday. tuesday equals to no school! MUAHAHAHA. but no sch also means i've got nth to do. hmm, actually i was suppose to be at the gym with aaron today but you know, like everytime, i cant wake up. GOSH, whats with me, i slept 8 hours already and still cant wake up? man, i think im gonna see the doc for that.

hehe, like i will. =P

lets see, i have 2 undone tutorials, 1 assigment that i havent even started on. gosh, im so dead.


ans : playing kingdom hearts 2. =/

i cant believe im hooked to that game. SHIT, this is BAD news. can somebody come up with a method to help me get away from the PS2? haha.

i guess im just to darn lazy to be doing my tutorials and assignments. ARGH, screw them.


mab, hope u get well soon. =)

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