Monday, March 27, 2006

ARGH! the chalet is a mixed of good and bad. the starting was fun but as the time pass, people get tired, people look dead. and things starts to turn dull. people staring at the tv set, if not, walking along the road and talk about stuffs. and the chalet made me feel that relationships arent suitable for people around our age. true that there are mature people around our age, but the bottomline is u ARE 17 or 18. so to me, relationships now would most probably lead to heartbreaks, sadness. why not we all just remain as friends for a change?

we are only 17 or 18 teenage guys and girls. so why hurry into a relationship? alright, i know people might not agree with me but im just voicing out. dun mind me. haha. but, there are fun times at the chalet too of course. firstly, i got to meet ex-regenites which i haven seen in ages. kinda reminisce abit and definately bashing up tim. poor tim, u have my condolences. sarah is still so small size, looks like a doll. in a good way of course. and of all people, i talked to tian yi, which is what i least expected la. but we sought of have a little click bah. maybe becourse we are cousins?
and that jo was bored to death, i still tot that they were having fun. LOL, in fact eve,amanda were looking like corpses as well. and i heard amanda still have to work at 5, wad the... got to know that ray guy, ahaha, i think everything that go in his mind is dirty stuff. he showed me this keychain of 2 guys humping a girl from the front and the back, try see something like that when u din sleep for the last 2 days, i was like, WTF. ahaha cool guy anyway. so end of the day, took the cab home. freaking hell, so cold. *burrrrrr*

she is just a 18 year old , she aint superwoman. cut her some slack guys. =/

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