Saturday, March 18, 2006

i never really tried posting a title before.

today, silly ronnie woke up at 12. BUT, its not on my own. my aunt and my lil cousin are responsible for it. MY AUNT FREAKING SHOUT AT ME @ 12 PM!! but, i choose to ignore and treat it as a dream. BUT, at the end of the day, reality bites. my lil cousin had to take my OWN bloster and smack me right on the head. AND DAMN, i woke up. zzz.

then, aunt dragged my sorry ass to beauty world and had lunch. opps, it was brunch instead. then i went over to nam's house, thinking that my buddies will go to changkat today, BUT GUESS WHAT! kangwei is sicked, sinyu going NPTKD agm, sheng go his aunt chris house camp. left yanshun as me wanna go, WTF. i sprained my ankle, i was too damn tired to think. so yea, screw everything and i went to sleep on my cousin's bed =P woke up at 6, mess around and went home.

so much for a friday. life suck when u dun have things to do.

ps. my leg is getting better and im lovin it. LOL.

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