Wednesday, March 29, 2006

hmm, today's post is gonna be boring. because i just went to bukit panjang plaza for dinner, thats all. but i was suppose to swim today. wondering y i din go? haha, its because..

.. mum said " where do you think you are going? ". UH-OH. mums probably said that because he knew i slept at 5am or something, and kept saying i need my sleep and stuff. so yea, mum din allow me to go swim, i went back to sleep though. THEN IT RAIN. LUCKY ME. otherwise the swimming session would have been disasterous.

guys, have you ever walk pass a girl u like and act like u totally dont giv a damn to them? thinking its cool to do that? and thinking that the girl will stare at how cool u are?

if you did, haha. u're screwed. because most probably if the girl is stupid enuff, she might think that u are THAT cool, thus, she will be afraid to talk to u. and yea, there goes your chance. but for average girls, they will definately see thru ur acting and u might probably be branded as a guy that is just trying to be cool. meaning, u left a bad impressions and her impression points on you are definately taking a BIG DIP. haha.

serves you right.


i was like that too. =P

but hell, hu cares.

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