Sunday, March 12, 2006

hmm, soooo long nv blog about stuff! actually only 2 days la, ahaha, cuz i nv sleep then sat still go out sentosa so i was too brain-dead to blog.

SATURDAY 'S beach outing!!

introducing the cast :

the rest of the cast :

and the REST of the cast =P :

so yea, it was pretty much the same old gang. BUT WAIT, it doesnt means same old gang then the outing wouldnt be fun! =)

for a moment, i actually tot i was quiet for that day, as i only slept 1 hour and was kinda tired. but guess wad! i chatted with xiang and fiona and daryl. chat as in REAL chatting, matters of the heart that kind. LOL

then i also like freaking zi lian lidat, keep taking pictures! lOL


LOL, i feel like im acting shuai lidat.WHO CARES! i shuang jiu ok liao. but the specs like not bad rite? dunno why ppl say i look tiko in that specs. zzzz

then we mess around, tok tok tok, then suddenly it was like 4pm. lol, all of us were getting burnt one by one. so, we decided to call it a day and went to marina for steamboat! ahaa, chat chat chat again, had a mug of beer. all mans tok! LOL, i feel older somehow.hehe. xiang is like so diff from wad i used to think of him. lol

sorry xiang! i misunderstood u. LOL.

hmm, but i spent the whole sunday sleeping till an hour ago then i wake up. LOL.

ps. dun brand me as a pervert becuz i post my half-naked pic here, its juz for the fun of it. AND, its becuz of xin wei that i try out posting pics, cuz he say my blog boring. DAMN HIM. LOL.. just kidding. XD

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