Sunday, March 19, 2006

omg, its sunday. 2 weeks of holidays hav passed. WHY SO FAST!

AND YES, today is bball session. and by using 1 word to describe it, SUCK is the word. my form was totally not there, that damn ankle of mine keep having this pain when im running. den i was suppose to be rebounder and GUESS wad, i played in ur face D instead, which i sucked at. make me run around. screw the ankle! faster recover la... i dun wan to retrain my jumping and dribbling.

NOW, i need to learn how to love the contact below the hoop, learn COURT VISION! and learn shake move. LOL, sebas promised he will teach me. hehs. HOT LIAO.

i will reject ur shot time and again. noob.

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