Monday, March 13, 2006

monday blues

alright, here's the big question for today.


HMM, for the pass few days, mum has been asking me to cut my hair. reason is becuz my fringe is covering my forehead and she say this will bring me bad luck. -.- and this reason is seriously not good enuff to make me go all the way to cut the damn hair. zzz.

alright, maybe its a little long but the bad luck part is really wth lor. LOL, mum will kill me if she sees this. =X but other then bad luck, there isn't anything wrong about my hair wad, well at least I think nothing is wrong about it la. but if i go and cut, i also dunno wad to cut and 90% chance that i will screw up. any style advice any1?

and the other thing is i have been looking forward to this holiday so much, but now im disappointing myself becuz I AINT ENJOYING LIFE ENUFF!!
today so lifeless, wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep THEN WAKE UP AND GUESS WAD?!

i went straight back to sleep again. zzz.

but i sleep not because im pig or wad, its because theres nth on that day and im DAMN BORED. wan go gym, no money. muz wait for mum's dinner somemore. LOL. but i get to mess around with mummy! lol, she so cute la..then we look at the campus superstar contestants dance. like robot? =P
im not good myself so i dun comment bah. LOL. so much for monday i guess?

hmm, i have decided, im too lazy to get a haircut. and i need a life.

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