Sunday, March 19, 2006

damn aaron, robbed me of my blanket. @*(#&!(*^!)(@&$

i was having a good sleep, till aaron came in. then woke up feeling half dead. long came over today then we went town. eat and meet up wit xiang daryl bert and junhao. go walk walk abit, AND its really abit, then go home. WTF.

after that was to lot 1, joining aaron, dor, nam and leen for movie. AND YES, i watched date movie again. LOL. but this time the ticket was sponsored, so nvm. =X but for some strange reason, i think is my hands itchy or wad, i asked aaron if he wanted to go to the court and shoot some hoops. its was 11pm then, no lights. but we still go, played 2 on 2 wit aaron's dad somemore. HAHAHA.. tml, hmm. bball somemore i guess? haha.

- reaches for the hoop once more -

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