Friday, March 17, 2006

i got my left foot bandaged - again.

today is our jumpman, wang jie's birthday. SURPRISINGLY, his birthday is on the same date as his mum! cool~

our original plan to bash him up was COMPLETE FAILURE! zzz. b4 we reach, all was toking about how were they gonna do this and that. later, go liao, for some reason i feel like i was the only 1 giving him the punishment lor. NOOB la u all, having said this. im prolly gonna die on my birthday. T_T

THEN, i went over to join mum, granny and my 2 lil cute cousins for PIZZA! so long since i had pizza, still so rox! then the 2 lil cousins was so spastic. AHAHA.

GREAT DAY! - i guess.

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