Monday, April 16, 2007

what is suppose to happen, did not.

i saw this interesting news when i log in to blogger.


sia la, i mean, that guy who made typing in hindi possible is already dope enough, now blog. crazy shit man. technology really amazes, so does the power of the mind.

moving on from that. i pretty much have a boring weekend, because i was grounded for 2 days. but i felt good. guess i need to be grounded to realise how home actually feels like. but of course, home feels good.

there are really alot of different kind of people around me, even though some appear similar, but still they are not the same. but over time, i then to view similar as same, making me a damn stereotype. apologies if i offend.

some are positive, some negative. also some appears positive and the saddest part some appear negative.

well, however they might appear to be, i believe its not their fault their characters are like that. people are shaped by the enviroment. so in a way, its actually our fault, if we are included in their enviroment.

also, there are also people we cant seems to make friends with. yea, normally people think that this is bullshit. but if everybody can be friends with everybody, then why is there still conflicts right? be it big or small.

BUT, its OK for me when you cant seem to be someone's friend. its just that things cant dun work. simple as that, trying only makes it worst because trying makes you look fake.

but seriously, i dunno why am i posting something like this. maybe its cause of this is what im thinking now.

what a wierd thought. haha.

time for the last random phrase of the day!

you don't have to force your smile for anyone, its ok to just smile for yourself.


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