Thursday, April 12, 2007

stand your ground and face the fear.

we all know, to get over a fear, we have to stand our ground and face it.

overcoming that mental barrier that has given us problems time and over again.

well, sometimes fear comes from a problem, a problem one tried to escape from, and yes, she found tranquility. until the day that exact fear snatch everything away from her again. casting a black shadow over her blue sky.

as someone who cares, sometimes one cannot overcome a fear alone, thats why i stepped in and offer my shoulder to carry her burdens.

i hope that i can end her troubles.

i want her to know, i really grew up after these 18 years.

i wanna be someone she can lean on.

im no longer the kid she chase around trying to feed a bowl of rice.

i want to be her shield aganist all the worries in this world.

all i need is her 100% trust.

i know we can pull through this. i believe it so.

i love you mum.

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