Tuesday, April 17, 2007

missing pieces.

i have a puzzle infront of me.

for a long time, i have been trying to solve it.

trying to depict the picture that holds the key to the locked world im trying to enter.

on this day, just like any other normal day.

i found the pieces hidden in a dark corner.

i corner that i have passed by without even looking.

just because i was too insensitive.

because i was too hasty, letting the blood go into my head.

i neglected the fine details of things.

i realize how self-centered i am.

i apologise. please forgive me.

now i know why thing cant work out yet.

so, i took the pieces full or regrets, and completed the picture.

but, the picture only shows sorrow and pain.

its shows me that the world im trying to enter.

after i have seen it.

im even more sure that i want to change it.

i will be at the entrance waiting.

waiting for the permission to enter.

till then, i hope the door will not shut me out totally.


feelings never came so strongly before.

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