Thursday, April 05, 2007

reality bites.

there are feelings i dont wanna feel. like being jealous for an example. it sucks when you are jealous of something, it starts to activate the uglier inner self and making it surface, then you suffer GUILT. because you know u are jealous but cant help feeling that way. then when you give way, you do shitty things.

i also dont like school work, cant find the love for it. see those work that u are forced to do sucks. guess nobody likes to be forced into doing something. although alot says its FOR YOUR FUTURE. but, man, its not gonna work for me now. LOL.

well, the last one is i hate being sick.

because, sick = cannot dance. cannot do what you want, cannot eat what you want.

in short, sick = no freedom. DAMN.

out of the 3, im going thru 2 now.

my life suck.

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