Wednesday, April 11, 2007

family? yea right.

finally im able to see,

how 'close' my family is.

acting all close during gathering, but when problem arises, you all can't wait to sell each other out to save your own skin.

i HATE you all.

fucked up selfish adults.

acting allgreat, saying you are doing it for you children. then i think you should start by saying ' you are pushing your auntie to death so i can save your skin '

weird, you rather give in to a threat, then taking legal action, come on, you are a man, you cant even think straight after some lame uncle stomp into your shop and ask for money?

its illegal. its called EXTORTION. you can fucking jail him.

and you dont give him money and hope he goes away. IDIOT. even tv shows doesnt do something as stupid.

im so disappointed with all of you. you all grew up together, now you cant even have the effort to help someone you call a sister.

and you dare to be someone's father?
you dare to call yourself family?

you are all so cold blooded.

selfish prick.

burn in hell you asshole.

man, i cant believe this. DAMN.

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