Saturday, June 24, 2006

50 dollar aunt.

answer me, how possibly can one person be SO ( note the caps ) full of herself?

wanna know why i used "herself" ? its not that i have issues with women, in fact, im perfectly fine with women. BUT, my aunt doesnt seem to be a woman that i can get along with.

when i say the she is too full of herself, it kinda feels like whatever that comes out of those lips, she think of it like its the ultimate truth or something.

need a example? okay, picture this.

imagine u asked your " favourite " aunt for a ride to choa chu kang MRT from CCK sports complex. the time to reach is prolly less then three minutes counting all the traffic lights and stuff.

she somehow manage to squeeze topics ranging from my dressing and issues on my family and cousin within that three minutes. WTH, can you even believe that? i know aunties can get naggy but what my aunt is capable of is far, far, FAR worst then nagging.

firstly she say, "AIYO, why you wear until lidat? so sloppy, how many times muz i tell you, whenever your go out, make sure you look neat and tidy right? SEE? u din even gel up your hair? everytime i see you ur hair is always spiky spiky, like gangster like that."

truth is, i was head towards the gym, so i was in a casual tee and basketball shorts and shoes. TO THINK THAT SHE SAY THAT WAS SLOPPY! screw her. its as if she wants me to go into the gym with a suit on or something.

second, WHO THE HELL GEL UP THEIR HAIR WHEN THEY HIT THE GOD-DAMN GYM?! i dun think theres any sane person would wan those beads of sweat cum gel to roll down ur handsome/pretty faces right? it would cause a eruption of pimples, not that i mind but ya, its just to uncomfortable. but heres the thing, who even uses gel now? i think guys our era uses hair wax then gel. gel is like so yesterday, right? haha.

thirdly, my aunt actually expects me to go out with the 70s kinda look, mean the hair is gel-ed to stick to ur head the the hair is seperated on a 70-30 ratio. okay, if u dun get me, it simply means wearing things that make you look a some fucked up clown with a head of gel-ed up hair and walk down orchard. WTF? even picturing that thought is a sin man. lol.

but with all the cons said, like always, theres always a blessing after a curse. what happens is when she reaches the destination, she reaches out to her purse and YES. she flashes me with a 50 dollar bill. telling me the "bla-bla-bla" (you know, the usual stuff, haha) and i would picture it as "man, i would have blew if it aint for the bill." haha. think im gonna call her the "50 dollar aunt". nice huh? it kinda has a ring to it ya?


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