Sunday, June 04, 2006

the past fews days have made me think quite alot. a couple of days ago, i was walking back home where i see an ambulance turning in and cutting thru the path i took, i realise it came to a halt at the carpark beside my block. and policemen came and surrounded the area. what happened?

a woman in her thirties jumped down from the fifth floor, breaking all her limbs.

gosh, i have suddenly come to realise how fragile life is. its so easy to end a life and yet a life can hold so many precious moments. its like putting everything valuable into titanic and hope it wun sink. even though at the end of the story, it still will sink.

life could end in so many ways.

you could be dead because you have cancer, or be shot by a killer, or have someone robbing you but ends up killing you to silence u up. the list goes on..

kinda nostlangic if you think about it. some people cherish life too much that the fear death, some welcome death with open arms. some choose death due to a bad life.

so, am i actually having a life that i cherish? or am i just waiting for my time to die? or do i wanna die deep inside but its just i haven realise?

people, cherish your lives, and if time comes, choose to end it your way.

- pardon me -

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