Thursday, June 15, 2006

wee, im back!!
after camp, after common test. god, now im finally able to catch my breath from all that tutorials and assignments. XD

question :
how do you seperate between interest and passion?

easy, interest will only last you a few months but a passion will last you for the many years to come. agree?

anyways, i headed to eve's house for a movie marathon after coming back from camp. saw xiang and jo too.
jo was damn funny, she was so occupied with homework that she couldnt really watch any shows. then she say she 3 days straight never sleep. OMG, 3 DAYS!! its like wtf. somemore its during our break period.
haha, but the good thing is she finish the story-telling journal la. WELL DONE! *gives a round of applause*

kk, enuff of jo, later she hao lian kena featured like dat. =X

xiang also another, watch soccer then "GOAL" so loud, i was like falling asleep then when he shouted, my eyes went from garfield to some big eyed cartoon character. lol. the cycle continued from a considerable amount of times though. LOL. then xiang introduced this "hao shao wen" show, 1 thing i dun get it is why do i keep seeing the small guy's ass. its not like he's some guy with hot ass mah. in fact, he was a fat kid. LOL. imagine the amount of meat there, gosh, can open up a store and sell. hehe.
so we slept after eve and jo went to their rooms and to my suprise, EVE MADE BREADFAST! i din even noe she can cook. lol. and i was multi-tasking, guess wad task was running "sleeping" and "eating". PRO RIGHT? even eve cant believe i could do something as dope as that. LOL.

well, that pretty much sums up wad i did for the weekends bah. OH YA, WORLD CUP!!!!! BRAZIL WILL TRIUMPH AGAIN!!!


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