Saturday, June 17, 2006


argh, 3 am le. cant sleep and i am munching on prata now. XD past few days have been spend on gymming, NRA, bball.

SO SAD DIN GO CHANGKAT. din get to see my "eye-candy" =(

haven been contacting my buddies, and its like so long since i get back to them and have them update me on how they are doing. sigh.

sorry guys!

seriously, i come home at 10pm everyday. when i reach home, i bath then go to sleep. the next day, i wake up forgetting what i did the day before. man, its is BAD. i mean, its like im just wasting time away. ALAMAK! okay, whats done is done, now the main focus of the remaining of my holidays would be meeting all my FRIENDS!!!! =)

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