Saturday, July 01, 2006


now my wish of getting an above 3 GPA is gonna be H-A-R-D. zzz. this calls for a intensive-study-till-you-drop solution.

yea right, like i give a fuck.


this week i only went for 3 days of school! din go school today, mainly due to a illness called "the-lack-of-sleep". AND, i have a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE TO PROVE THAT I AM UNFIT FOR SCHOOL THAT DAY!

call me pro. =)

haha, today i saw one granny, she was damn funny. when the train reach bugis, by right we should let those passengers alight first right? she, on the other hand, din gave a fuck to anyone and barge in, and was shouting "get out of my way!" in malay,see? here's the thing, i think she was shouting that, but i din noe what exactly she was talking about but who cares? its the scence of her barging in that was hilarious. =)

and, the passenger alighting din even dared to tell the granny that she should let the passengers alight first, and when i saw her happy face of getting to the sit first, kinda reminded me of how selfish one can really get.

yea, reality check guys, have you guys did something for ur own good and because of that caused some trouble to other peeps? i think most of your ans would be yes, including me.

haix, evil me.

forgive me.

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